Best Steam Mop to Buy in India 2021

Steam mops are better than regular vacuums to clear hard stains from your floor and to make it look shiny. They use pressurized steam by heating the water to remove the stains, dirt, and even micro-organisms from your floor.

They are made to clean your kitchen tops, bathroom floors, carpets, or any surface easily. For Indian homes, it is better to invest in steam mops as it makes your surface shiny and free from harmful micro-organisms. But there are many steam mop models available with different features.

Best Steam Mops to Buy in India

So it is important for you to consider the design, warranty, price, attachments, and other features of the steam mops before you purchase them. In this post, we have reviewed the top steam mops that you can buy in India.

1) Bissell 94E9T Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T

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  • It can heat the water to produce steam quickly.
  • It has two different pads that are used for different floor types.
  • The water tank comes with an in-built filtration system.

2) Karcher SC 3 Steam Cleaner

KARCHER SC 3 Steam Cleaner (Yellow and Black), Yellow &...

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  • The Karcher steam cleaner has a short heat-up time to produce steam.
  • It has a good water tank capacity of one litre.
  • It comes with different accessories for efficient cleaning.

3) Bissel Powerfresh Steam Mop

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop, 1940A (Blue)

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  • It comes with two different mop pads for different use.
  • Scented discs can be inserted into this cleaner to give your room a good aroma while cleaning.
  • It gives you the option to adjust the amount of steam coming from the cleaner.


BLACK+DECKER FSMH1321-QS 1600-Watt 7-in-1 Steam-Mop with...

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  • It features manually controllable steam.
  • It comes with carpet glide for cleaning the carpets.

5) Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

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  • This vacuum cleaner is durable and lightweight.
  • The spray action ensures that there is no water wastage when you clean it.
  • It produces steam quickly.

Steam Mop-Buying Guide

Why do you need a Steam Mop? 

Steam Mops are very useful in cleaning away the tough dirt and mold. The water vapour helps to loosen the dirt particles which then can be cleared away using the mop. It is widely used by cleaning companies, particularly for sanitization purposes. The water is boiled up to 245 degrees Fahrenheit before released as water vapour. It is capable of stopping Mold and preventing further growth.

Steam Mops do not use any sort of chemicals to aid the cleaning work. As a result, it is safe for both humans as well as pets. Steam Mops also require very little preparatory work as well. While traditional mops require you to do a bit of scrubbing on the floors for improved efficiency, with steam mops there is no such need.

Factors to consider while buying a Steam Mop

  • Surface Type – Steam Mops are quite fast and easy to use but they are not compatible with all kinds of surfaces. It might damage the wood on certain Hardwood floors and also could negatively affect waxed floors.
  • Water Capacity – A larger water reservoir means that the mop will function longer before refilling the tank. It is better to go for Mops with a larger capacity.
  • Heat-Up Time – This time can vary from 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on the model. The shorter this time, the faster you can work using the mop.
  • Cleaning Pads – The purpose of these pads is to carry away the dirt that has been draped. Some models come with a single pad while others have more than one.
  • Power Cord length – The length should be sufficient such that it can traverse pretty much the entire room.
  • Safety Switch – Steam can be quite dangerous and therefore a switch to prevent the accidental release of steam would be a great idea.


Steam mops have unique advantages over regular cleaners. It acts as a good disinfectant, removes hard stains easily, and can also add a good aroma to your home. With all these features, it is a no-brainer to choose a steam mop for cleaning your home. The above listed are some of the best steam mops available in the market, and we hope that this post helps you in getting a good steam mop.

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